Cornerstone Chinese Immersion Program
Pre-5th Grade, After School Program, Summer Camp

Mandarin Kids

Preschool Mandarin Kids

Recent research on brain development and early literacy both indicate the importance of the early years in language acquisition and literacy skills. We believe languages are best learned naturally through meaningful relationships with a target language speaker. Cornerstone Mandarin Kids program is designed for 2.9~4 year old children to encourage language acquisition. Our teachers carefully plan curriculum and organize the environment to help children acquire linguistic skills of their own. Children are actively involved in concrete, hands-on activity and indoor and outdoor play while they are surrounded   by messages in mandarin Chinese that communicate interesting, relevant information. The interactions between children and our teacher provide opportuntities for children to devleop an understanding of self and others.   Our small group size and low student to teacher ratio allow children to advance as they are ready.

The morning session of this program takes place from 9:00a.m. to 11:30a.m. with extended program option from 11:30a.m. to 2:00p.m., and the afternoon session takes place from 12:30p.m. to 3:00p.m. from Monday through Friday. 2, 3 and 5 day options are available.