Cornerstone Chinese Immersion Program
Pre-5th Grade, After School Program, Summer Camp

Hello, welcome to Cornerstone Learning Foundation!

With over 20 years of teaching, administration and cutting edge Chinese Program Development experience in Silicon Valley and in China, the principal of Cornerstone Learning Foundation, Ms Helen Wong is proud to offer a high quality mandarin program where students have fun while they are learning.

Studying a foreign language enhances and improves a student's education while providing the foundation for further personal enrichment and a world view. Cornerstone is committed to providing a high quality mandarin Chinese enrichment program.

Cornerstone strives to:

1. develop the ability to use mandarin Chinese effectively for purposes of practical communication within mandarin-speaking areas of mainland China and in all the countries where mandarin is spoken;
2. form a sound foundation for skills required for further study, work and leisure;
3. offer familiarity with and insights into the Chinese culture and civilization;
4. encourage exposure to and fuller integration into the local Chinese community, where relevant;
5. encourage positive attitudes toward Chinese language learning and towards speakers of other languages and a sympathetic and respectful approach to other cultures and civilizations;
6. provide enjoyment and intellectual stimulation

Why Choose Cornerstone?

Enjoyable, engaging and supportive mandarin learning environment
Caring, professional teaching staff
Low student to teacher ratio
Systematic assessment to help students grow

How do we achieve our goals?

1.Innovative and immersive teaching approach
2.Carefully selected teaching and learning material
3.Teaching content tracks CA state foreign language learning standards
4. Low teacher to student ratio
5. Safe, inviting, rich Chinese cultural learning environment
6.Individualized, systematic assessment of students to maximize learning and progress year round with building blocks for advanced studies
7.Skillful, experienced teachers for all levels of age and proficiency

Cornerstone Learning Foundation makes no distinction nor does it give preferential treatment in its admission or operating policies with regard to an individual's race, color, or national and ethnic origin.