Cornerstone Chinese Immersion Program
Pre-5th Grade, After School Program, Summer Camp


Kindergarten at Cornerstone has been a very special year for our family thanks to all the hard work, enthusiasm, collaboration, and talent poured into the new curriculum by the teaching team.   We have witnessed an exceptional amount of physical, academic, and social growth. Our daughter's confidence, and in turn love, for math, reading, and sports grew at school and at home. The class reached kindergarten benchmarks before the end of the school year and still had time for all the extras: field trips, song, dance, cooking, and meaningful art projects. Most importantly, our daughter, and each of her classmates it seems, felt safe to be their unique selves and got along well. Our daughter was never held back when she excelled or expressed a special interest, and her need for more time in other areas was respected. We have no reservations in recommending the program to other families.

Julie Treichler, Parent

What an excellent program! My 5.5 year old son Logan matured and blossomed so much here in the past 10 months. There are quite many great things I can say about the school, but here are a few key ones: the teachers are truly caring and sincere, the programs and activities are well designed, and kids are taught key principles and proper value system. While talking to other parents, I can tell they like school as much as I do. At Young 5s graduation performance, the kids heartfelt announced that there is no superman in life, and the true heroes in their life are the parents and teachers. I see many people weeping with tears right at that moment. What can I say? The school taught the kids right!

Li Song, Parent

I first learned of Cornerstone Learning Foundation and met Principal Helen Wong in the fall of 2011. When my son turned four, I was determined to have him continue his schooling under Helen’s tutelage. I "begged" her for a Young Five Program, and she agreed to it. Ever since, not a week goes by in which I marvel at the program. It provides a well-conceived curriculum taught by the most loving and competent teachers and support staff. Monthly fieldtrips are the kids’ favorite. I witnessed the kids connect the dots between the knowledge learned in the classroom and the "real" thing out there. I don’t know if I am more impressed with the kids’ learning abilities or their behavior in public places. Respect and consideration have not escaped the kids’ minds, even when they are overly excited, because such behavior has been instilled in them…. As parents, we like to think of ourselves as "educators" and know what is best for our kids. That might be true, but I have been humbled so far; maybe I don’t know as much as I thought, as my son continues to amaze me every day … Thanks to the Young Five Program.

                                Min Nagle, Parent

We have been thrilled with Cornerstone Learning Foundation and the wonderful attention given to our son in the Mandarin Kids program. He loves attending and comes home singing Mandarin songs, counting and naming colors. They always have creative and fun activities for the kids, and keep their interest through stories, singing and play. We don't speak Mandarin at home, but our son is already teaching us what he has learned (after only 6 weeks).

Andrea, Parent

My daughter just loves to go to Cornerstone. She talks about how much she likes the activities there as well as her teachers, Ms. Wong and Ms. Gao, all the time. As a parent, I trust Ms. Wong and Ms. Gao completely, because they are such loving teachers. They teach the kids good manners too. For example, my daughter learned to always say good morning and say goodbye to her classmates in Mandarin. The teachers also know how to set limits for the kids. My daughter also picks up Mandarin quickly. Within weeks, she was able to say many things in Mandarin. I cannot be more pleased with her progress.

G.T., Parent

This is the most amazing Mandarin immersion program. My preschooler and kindergartner both attend, and it's unlike the typical "drill and kill" programs. My kids love going to class, and are interested and happy here! And I'm constantly pleasantly surprised at their fluency, and they actually now voluntarily switch to Chinese when they can. We are so glad to have found such a resource.

M.Y., Parent

My son attended a different Chinese afterschool program for 2 years before he starts at CLF, and despite the 2 years intense attendance, he still can not understand and verbalize basic conversational mandarin. With a big disappointment towards mandarin afterschool program, I was not sure if learning Chinese as a second language for my kids is realistic. Luckily, through a friend's recommendation, we found CLF. Over a few months period, my son has gradually found his interest and place in Chinese learning. I see his smiles again when I pick him up, he would tell me fun times in class and how proud he is to be so special in class. Now, he feels like he belongs to the CLF community and able to learn with fun and smiles. He told me one day, "Mom, I feel like I learn so much more Chinese at Cornerstones than before."

Thank you for all your expertise in child education. It really impresses me how Chinese language could also be taught with such positive, creative and fun way. All your efforts and teachings meant so much for our family and we deeply appreciate it. We are looking forward to see our kids grow up as part of the community in CLF.

Louisa K., Parent

As expatriates from Singapore, we wanted to find a Mandarin school for my 4 year old son, so that he could keep up with Mandarin, which is a compulsory subject for him back home. Cornerstone provided the perfect solution. They made Mandarin fun and relevant. My son, who had refused to speak a word of Mandarin at home, now willingly converses in it. He used to dread going to Mandarin class, but now cannot wait to go. From summer camps to Mandarin immersion class, my son has enjoyed them all. The teachers are absolutely wonderful, and make it a point to know their students well. They seem to genuinely care for the students, which makes all the difference. Over the last two years, it has been our pleasure to see Cornerstone grow under Helen Wong's leadership. One of our greatest regrets about returning home is that our son will no longer be at Cornerstone!

Lianne & Salmon Sim, Parents

My girls LOVED both camps! I was so impressed by the performances at the end of each of sessions. I noticed an improvement in my child's speaking at home, and we've enjoyed hearing the kids sing the Chinese songs they both know together. And thank you Cornerstone for the attention you pay to each child and his/her needs---again, I am so impressed and grateful to be part of the Cornerstone community.

Jeanne, Summer Camp Parent

Wow... I'm impressed... my child came home today and said Chinese class was the "best ever" and that she wants to take it every day all the time! She is now upset why she can't stay all day and why I didn't sign her up for the entire summer! Thank you for offering this summer program! My kids are very happy learning Chinese!

Ning, Summer Camp Parent

Our daughter has attended Cornerstone Learning Foundation for three years now and is currently enrolled in the Young 5s program. I honestly cannot say enough positive things about Cornerstone, the teachers, the owner Helen Wong and my daughter's experience there. She is greeted every day with warm smiles and welcomes from all the teachers to which she responds comfortably and fluently in Mandarin. She goes to school eagerly and talks to us constantly about her friends and all that she is learning. My primary goal was to improve her Chinese speaking, reading and writing and I am amazed at her level of fluency. However, I have also been surprised by how much she is learning about math and other topics like social sciences. When I have questions, I always get a prompt reply from the administrative staff, the teachers and from Helen herself. In the way Helen speaks to me about my daughter it is clear she is very hands on, very involved in the classrooms and has a genuine love of children and learning and that filters down through all the teachers at Cornerstone. I can recommend Cornerstone Learning Foundation 100% without reservation.

Heather Sirk, Parent

Ms. Helen Wong is no doubt the most caring and dedicated educator we have ever had... unlike the traditional endless memorization and character writing, she introduced a more natural and organic learning environment of Chinese culture and literature... Ms. Wong is simply the best teacher anyone can hope for.

Cristina Chang, Parent

Ms. Helen Wong has been instrumental in the successful opening and operating of a brand-new bilingual school. Our daughter has been her student since the first day, and her progress, both academically and developmentally, has been more than we could ever have hoped.

Christina Van Zandt, Parent

Ms. Wong immediately impressed me as a confident, proactive, and open-minded educator. In the inception years, Helen worked indefatigably to build Yew Chung from a handful of students to the present size of over 200 students. She was instrumental in articulating the K-5 school curriculum... her love of education is particularly noticeable in her enthusiasm and patience toward her students and her conscientiousness in carrying out her duties.

Li-Hsiang Yu Shen, Chief Educator, Better ChineseLLC