Our Academic Programs

Cornerstone’s K-5 Full Day & Extended Care Program follows a Chinese-English dual immersion school model, including instruction in Chinese and English Language Arts, mathematics, science, social sciences, music, art, and physical education. This program aims to nurture students to become happy, confident, and self-disciplined individuals who:


  • Have strong competence in both Chinese and English

  • Deal effectively with complexity and ambiguity

  • Can communicate effectively, weigh evidence, and make decisions

  • Embrace multicultural perspectives.

Our Mandarin Kids Preschool, Young Fives, Half-Day Kindergarten, After School, Thursday Night, and Summer Camp Programs are full Mandarin immersion programs that provide students with a rich language learning environment. These six distinct programs strive to help students:


  • Use Mandarin naturally and comfortably in a wide variety of practical situations

  • Embrace learning about Chinese culture, customs, and traditions

  • Build positive attitudes towards language learning, speakers of other languages, and cultures different from their own.

For more details, please use the menu above to navigate to each program's page!

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