After School Program

The after-school 100% Chinese immersion program has four stages of the development plan. 1st stage is the beginning level, it is for Kinder and the beginner.  Stage 2 is foundation level, divided into a two years program, Foundation 1 and foundation 2. Stage 3 is the Pre-advanced level, divided into a three years program, and the last stage is the Advanced program which takes place on Thursday and Tuesday night. 

The Cornerstone After School Chinese program differs from traditional paper-and-pencil approaches.
Our teaching focuses on what students can do with Mandarin Chinese. We use a research-based,
dynamic curriculum that is regularly evaluated by our professional teaching team to ensure optimal
quality and effectiveness.

Our flexible approach is tailored to the needs of the students and works far
better than a fixed curriculum or set of textbooks. We carefully select articles grouped in different
themes for teaching. We identify and emphasize topics that interest our students, that tap into their
real-life experiences, and that fit the needs of their personality and language proficiency development.
Children develop their Chinese language skills, knowledge, understanding, and attitudes through daily
routines and first-hand experiences provided at Cornerstone.

A placement interview or entrance test is required for After School Program.

Elementary After School

  • Beginners’ class (3-5:30pm. Two, three or five days per week)

Our After School class for beginners uses a theme-based model, making instruction easy for students to understand. Within each thematic unit, students use Mandarin in a variety of situations and to encounter a diverse range of texts. Upon completion of this class, students will have developed a solid foundation in the Chinese language.

  • Foundation and Pre-Advanced classes (3:30-6pm. Two, three or five days per week)

Clear grade-level learning standards and systemic assessments are set up to help students grow their Chinese language abilities. At Cornerstone, assessment is a continuous process of gathering information about student learning and performance using a variety of sources over time.

Middle School Evening Classes

The program is designed for middle school and high school age students who possess intermediate mid and up Chinese language proficiency, and to continue their Chinese language and culture study. An entrance test is required. Student will also be assigned self-study projects to complete after class time. There are two sub-programs that take place on Tuesday and Thursday nights. The first one is called Chinese Language and Culture class, and other one is the Test Preparation course.

  • Tusday Night class (7-8:30pm)

The purpose of this class is to increase student's Chinese exposure time by giving them more opportunity to read various topic texts, discuss content, and express their opinions toward those topics.  Through the class practice, we aim to enhance their Chinese reading and writing ability. We usually start our class by introducing the book, we read aloud together, then students are assigned to complete reading comprehension questions. The difficulty of the questions and amount of the questions are assigned based on the student's Chinese level. Students would finish a short essay to reflect their own opinions at the end of each class.  The topics are derived into computer technology, social media, online shopping,  environment protection, such as global warming, recycling, etc.

  • Thursday Night class (7-8:30pm)

The Thursday Night Program is designed for middle and high school students who possess intermediate and advanced Chinese language proficiency. An entrance test is required. Students will study Chinese language and culture through group and individual activities. There are two branches of the Thursday Night Program: the Chinese Language and Culture (CLC) classes, and the Test Preparation course.