Full Day K-5

Our Full Day K-4 program aims to nurture and challenge children on their path to becoming bilingual readers, writers, and critical thinkers. The program is built around four core subject areas: Chinese
Language Arts
, English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Social Studies/Science.


In Chinese Language Arts, students develop the ability to use Mandarin Chinese in a linguistically, culturally, and socially appropriate way. Our immersion environment intends to mirror how monolingual Chinese speakers acquire their dominant language. We encourage students to be active learners and communicators in both formal and informal settings.

In English Language Arts, students grow into competent and confident readers and communicators. Through a diverse range of activities, students build and reinforce skills in phonics, reading, comprehension, writing, handwriting, and oral communication. Our curriculum emphasizes giving students opportunities for exploration and self-expression.

In Mathematics, students build their skills as logical thinkers who can engage in analytic inquiry and decision-making. Our approach encourages students to connect back and forth between mathematical questions and real-life problems. Starting with concrete objects and pictures, we help students apply their knowledge to more abstract concepts as they grow with us. At Cornerstone, Mathematics is taught entirely in Chinese.

In Social Studies/Science, students become inquisitive explorers of our world through hands-on experiments, crafts, and projects. Learning is centered on thematic units, which our teachers have adapted from California state standards. Beginning in 4th grade, this class alternates between English and Chinese instruction.


Beyond these four key subject areas, students also have ample opportunities to participate in Music, Art, and P.E. classes, all taught in Chinese. These classes, besides teaching the content and skills relevant to their subject areas, also expose our students to a wider range of vocabulary and linguistic applications.

The program takes place from Monday to Friday, 8:45am-2:45pm. Extended care is available from 2:45-6pm.