Half Day Kindergarten

Our Half Day Kindergarten uses a theme-based model, making instruction easy for students to
understand. Within each thematic unit, students use Mandarin in a variety of situations and to
encounter a diverse range of texts.


Upon completion of our Half Day Kindergarten program, students
will have developed a solid foundation in Chinese language. Students will be able to master basic
knowledge of strokes and stroke order of characters; write approximately 150 simple Chinese characters from memory; recognize over 300 Chinese characters; and carry daily conversation.


Our instructional focus is not on the language itself, but rather on the use of language to achieve
meaningful goals. Through this learning process, students will also develop confidence and interest in learning the Chinese language.

The program takes place from 3-5:30pm, Monday through Friday. Extended care program available until 6pm. Early care is also available before the program begins.