Thursday Night Program

The Thursday night program is designed for middle school and high school age students who possess intermediate mid and up Chinese language proficiency, and to continue their Chinese language and culture study. An entrance test is required. Student will also be assigned self-study projects to complete after class time. There two sub-program that take place on Thursday night. The first one is called Chinese Language and Culture class, and other one is the Test Preparation course.

The CLC (Chinese Language and Culture) class is designed for intermediate level Chinese which students not only develop proficiency in Chinese language but also gain knowledge of Chinese culture. The content of this course cover a wide variety of topics, including Chinese language structures and characters, Chinese customs, proverbs, holidays, social phenomena, religions, poetry, geography, as well as Chinese folklore. The texts we choose to study are sufficiently challenging to develop student linguistics.

The test preparation course is intended to help students to get ready for the SAT II Chinese subject test and AP Chinese test, which administrated by the US College Board every year. As students proceed through this course, they will learn vocabulary and important sentence structures for performance tasks. They will also have opportunities to observe and practice models and gain skills for taking tests.

This program takes place from 7-8:30pm on Thursday nights.

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