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Cultivating Bilingualism And Nurturing Critical Thinkers

The cornerstone is the first brick laid in the process of creating a foundation. It’s an invisible part of any building, quickly forgotten and easily overlooked, but its influence is profound. The choices that guide its shape, angle, and placement have an influence on everything that follows.

One school, two campuses, multiple program options. Cornerstone offers a mix of instructional formats to suit each student's needs. Whether it’s our dual immersion format or our focused Mandarin programs, our students become accomplished critical thinkers. They’re comfortable beyond their borders, fluent in a second language, self-confident, self-motivated, and ready for the complex world that awaits them.

At Cornerstone, across all our programs, we believe that:


An individual’s happiness comes from the inner satisfaction of self-growth

Self-discipline is the most important habit for success

Learning only takes place when the learner is empowered to think, connect, and construct their own knowledge system


Louis Campus

1985 Louis Rd,

Palo Alto, CA

Our Louis Campus will be home to the following programs:

Full-Day 2nd - 5th Grade

After School Program

Summer Camp

Manuela Campus

4243 Manuela Ave,

Palo Alto, CA

Our Manuela Campus is home to the following programs:

Full-Day K - 1st Grade

Preschool & PreK

After School Program

Evening Program

Summer Camp

Cornerstone's COVID-19 Response​    


Cornerstone is currently offering in person instructions.

Thank you to all of our Cornerstone students, families, and teachers for working together to create a safe, enjoyable, and enriching learning experience.

Please find Cornerstone COVID-19 Policies and Plans for details.

Please reach out to with any questions.

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