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Applying to a school that is the right fit for your child is very important and we aim to work with families to provide you with the information that leads to the best decision for your child and your family. 

Application Due Date For New Families:

Applications are accepted year-round and may be submitted at any time after the birth of your child.


Priority Re-enrollment For Current Students:


Priority enrollment for current students takes place from December through February of the following year. 

Cornerstone School makes no distinction, nor does it give preferential treatment in its admission or operating policies, with regard to an individual's race, color, or national and ethnic origin.

Application Process For New Students: 

Attend a School Tour.

Please reach out to us via to schedule or RSVP to attend school tour.


Upcoming After School Program Tour at Manuela Campus:

Wednesday, March 6th at 3:45 PM

Submit the application. 

Find the application form below, with detailed information in regards to how to submit the application fee.

New Student Application Form

(Full-Day Grades K-5 applicants also need to provide the latest student report card via email to

Meeting with students and families.

Once your complete application is received, our staff will arrange a classroom visit or an individual meeting, and a follow up meeting with the family. This provides us with the opportunity to learn about your child’s strengths and developmental needs.

Recommended Application Deadline: January 16, 2024.

Earliest admission offers will be communicated in late February/early March. After the initial offers, spaces are offered on a rolling and space-availability basis. Admitted families should follow the tuition deposit steps as instructed to secure their child's spot at Cornerstone.

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Parent Testimonials​

Thank you so much for all of your effort, energy, support, and care.  The school and program are beyond my wildest dreams, and I am so happy that my child is nurtured and thriving at school. I can't thank Lee Laoshi, Chen Laoshi, and Cheng Laoshi enough."

- Preschool parent

"If you are looking for a true mandarin immersion experience, Cornerstone’s full day program is it!! The teachers at Cornerstone are spectacular! The skill with which they can explain new vocabulary words using previously learned Chinese words and phrases affords students continued opportunities to practice and review. Even though class sizes are already small, there are still 2 teachers in the classroom for every class subject. Lots of opportunity for personalized attention! The classrooms themselves are bright and colorful to foster a warm learning environment. To build on the feeling of school community, Principal Helen and director Teresa greet every student by name and take the time to know each student as a person.  Wonderful!"

- Full Day 2nd Grade parent

"Kindergarten at Cornerstone has been a very special year for our family thanks to all the hard work, enthusiasm, collaboration, and talent poured into the new curriculum by the teaching team. We have witnessed an exceptional amount of physical, academic, and social growth. Our daughter's confidence, and in turn love, for math, reading, and sports grew at school and at home. 


The class reached kindergarten benchmarks before the end of the school year and still had time for all the extras: field trips, song, dance, cooking, and meaningful art projects. 


Most importantly, our daughter, and each of her classmates it seems, felt safe to be their unique selves and got along well. Our daughter was never held back when she excelled or expressed a special interest, and her need for more time in other areas was respected. We have no reservations in recommending the program to other families."

- Alumni parent

"Having our children be students at Cornerstone has been such a gift to our family. This year my younger daughter has opened up and blossomed so much, and it brings so much laughter and joy to our household to see her proudly singing the school songs and speaking in Chinese phrases everyday. She truly believes that coming to the Lamb class is such an important part of her life. It never ceases to amaze me how happy my older daughter is with her experience each school day, and how easily Chinese flows out of her mouth. It is hard to believe that not that long ago, she knows zero Chinese and you were helping us get her up to speed. Thank you for creating, holding, leading such a wonderful place – your commitment to excellence is so clear!"

- Preschool and Full Day 1st Grade parent

"Within a couple months at Cornerstone kindergarten, my son went from being able to say only his name to feeling comfortable conversing in Chinese. After seeing the level of education at Cornerstone’s full day program vs my daughter’s school, we switched my daughter to Cornerstone full time in 3rd grade. Cornerstone was focused on making the transition successful.


There are a number of reasons why I stopped searching after we landed at Cornerstone. Cornerstone has caring teachers, engaging curriculum, and personalized learning. It is not only dedicated to continued improvement of students but also of the school itself. We experienced this during the pandemic where they iterated on the program until it exceeded expectations. We also enjoy the wonderful community of students and parents. After trying many schools and programs, we found one that was just right."

- Full Day 2nd and 4th Grade parent

"Cornerstone provides my children an educational and cultural experience that allows them to grow, learn, and experience something they do not learn in a traditional school.   They are able to become immersed in a caring, educational, yet fun Mandarin environment which allows them to learn, speak, read, write, and participate in cultural activities that are important to our family.  We are big supporters of continuing their Chinese education, and have seen great gains in their confidence and ability to learn Mandarin over the numerous years here!"

- After School Program parent

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