Kindergarten Field Trip to the Chabot Space & Science Center

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

On September 18th, the Hippo Class students went to Chabot Space and Science Center for their first field trip. Everyone was excited and could not wait to see the world of outer space! Our monthly curricular theme includes astronauts and the moon; thus, students were eager to find out what outer space is all about.

At the museum, we watched a short film that talked about the importance of the space suit. For example, the space suit helps astronauts maintain an appropriate body temperature when doing tasks in space. The film also taught students that the suits protect astronauts from being hit by space debris. Most importantly, the space suit gives oxygen to astronauts! After watching this film, the Hippo Class students understood different aspects of survival in outer space.

In addition, we visited a showroom that had a model of the moon, Mars, and a type of a spacecraft called the Soyuz Descent Module. Our students were extremely excited to see the inside of the descent module! Their curiosity was evident in their many questions about the purpose of this spacecraft.

We also saw footprints that were left on the moon. They looked very different from our footprints! We also learned about the differences between the moon and Mars. Students even crawled into a model black hole to experience the dark environment inside.

The entire Hippo Class had a good time and learned many new things during our first field trip of the year. We're looking forward to the next one!

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