2021 Summer Camp Session One

We can’t believe that it’s already time to wrap up the first session of summer camp! This year, we hosted summer camp classes both online and in-person. Everyone joined together to create a wonderful camp experience, including performances that were shared with Cornerstone parents!

The first session was all about children’s literature. Students learned different stories about a variety of characters such as the Smurfs, the Flower Fairy, and a wolf who learns what happens when he is always furious. The students not only explored new Chinese vocabulary from the stories, they also had opportunities to bring their own experiences into the learning process. We had so much fun acquiring Chinese through interactive hands-on activities.

Here are some highlights from session one of our in-person and virtual summer camp classes. Please enjoy!

We are beautiful flowers! We love the Flowers Class! We love learning Chinese!

The Explorers Class students created interesting props to tell a story about a missing child and wolf. They also used their props to practice various survival skills in the wild such as how to go fishing and how to make fire.

The Butterfly Class sang songs for their fathers. The hats and flowers were their handmade gifts for their dear father.

We performed magic tricks like the Flower Fairy in our story.

Let’s make a sign for our class!

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