Fall 2020: Learning Together

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our students, teachers, and families are more committed than ever to learning together. We are currently offering a mix of instructional formats to suit each program's needs. Our Mandarin Kids preschool has been operating in-person since the start of the school year. The Young Fives program started the school year in a hybrid format. Families chose to enroll in-person or virtually. The Full Day K-3 program began in a virtual format on August 13. On October 5, we switched to a hybrid model, with families having the choice to select in-person learning or remain virtual.

All students and staff meeting in-person practice strict health precautions as part of their daily school routines. Thank you to our entire Cornerstone community for working together to create a safe, enjoyable, and enriching learning experience. Please enjoy this slideshow of students enjoying our in-person and hybrid programs at our new Louis Campus!

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