1st Grade Field Trip to the Cantor Center for Visual Arts

The Squirrel Class had our first field trip to the Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts at Stanford University. We did many fun activities pieces related to what we learned about light and shadow using Rodin’s art. We also visited three of the display rooms in the art center which were related our learning about hand gestures and body languages.

After our outdoor picnic lunch, we checked out the sculptures in Rodin’s Sculpture Garden. Then we went into the museum to check out how he made those sculptures.

After seeing Rodin’s many sculptures of hands, including his own hand’s sculpture, we moved to next room to interact with the spectacular works by Do Ho Suh, a Korean artist. We discussed the art techniques used in these works, such as the light and dark patterns of shadows, and the similarities and differences between the little statues. We applied our learning about light and shadows to our discussion. We had so much fun copying the statues’ poses. By connecting with each other, we gained a better understanding of the power of body language.

Then we walked to the Asian Art Room. We practiced reading the display information by finishing a scavenger hunt: finding the years for the six pictures on the task paper.

We went up to the second floor and visited a very small room of a contemporary artist’s collections about hand gestures. We used our knowledge about gestures to read the messages behind the pictures and photos, and we made our own poses. Can you guess the messages in our poses?

The last activity was drawing Rodin’s famous sculpture: The Thinker. We talked about the light sources and observed the shadow closely.

Before we left, the receptionist at the front desk showed us the events in the museum for kids and families. Many of us cannot wait to come back again!

This field trip not only enriched our learning, but also brought up a lot of interesting conversations. We loved our first field trip of the school year.

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