Young Fives Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

It’s always fun to play at a local farm. Our Y5s students had the most fun in the pumpkin patch at the Webb Ranch Farm. Students not only enjoyed the wonderful weather in the field, but also learned extraordinary facts about nature. This outdoor experience has become a vivid lesson for every student.

Can you imagine how many pumpkins we saw in the pumpkin patch? There were green pumpkins, white pumpkins, orange pumpkins, and pink pumpkins everywhere.

The best part was to find and touch the real pumpkin plants in the field. We not only named different parts of a pumpkin plant – roots, vines, leaves, flowers, and fruit – but also saw a few half green and half orange pumpkins. Guess which side was green…It was the side with less sunshine!

Let’s go on a pumpkin hunt. We looked for different pumpkins in the field. There were so many pumpkins. Which pumpkin should we pick? Some of us carried a huge one home. Some of us took a cute white tiny pumpkin.And of course, we carried it all the way by ourselves!

The hay ride with a tractor was an extremely exciting experience for us. We had a fun ride with a scarecrow. We rode up and down the hills and past the cornfield. We saw a bird catch a mouse and a huge barn filled with haystacks. We saw a big turkey on the hill too. The trip was wonderful!

We talked about the life cycle of plants. We read books about plants. We drew pictures of pumpkins, corn, and hayride tractors. We took notes of our field trip in the pumpkin patch when we came back. We wanted to remember every bit of fun we had in the pumpkin patch.

Goodbye, Pumpkin Patch. We will come back soon!

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