2020 Summer Camp Session One

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Cornerstone Learning Foundation was thrilled to kick off this summer's Mandarin Immersion Camp! Given the current public health orders, we were not able to host our camp in-person this year. Our teachers and students have fearlessly joined together to create a wonderful online camp experience, including online performances that were shared with Cornerstone parents!

Each class, ranging in age from Pre-K to sixth grade, spent two weeks diligently preparing. Despite being spread out across our individual homes, everyone worked together to put on the best show possible! Students used found materials at home to create props, practiced their songs via Zoom with their teachers, and enjoyed this new experience together.

Let's see what our teachers had to say about their wonderful campers:

Chen Laoshi's Little Bears Class

The Little Bears students are a lively and lovable group and enjoy singing and playing games. These students have just begun studying Chinese characters and are learning about the different strokes and stroke orders. They had a happy learning experience!

Gan Laoshi's Dolphins Classes

The Dolphins Class students are a happy, vibrant, and lovable group. They loved singing their lively class song, “My Dad is Not Old!” They enjoyed playing games with their classmates. Most of all, they were proud of themselves for being able to read one whole new book by the end of the session.

Lee Laoshi's Elves Class

Motivated by their curiosity, our students enthusiastically practiced Chinese. They made crafts and did cooking projects and experiments. Since each student’s materials were different, they were able to be even more creative. Students used their Chinese skills to show how they can express their sense of direction, describing things as above, below, to the left, or to the right.

Zhou Laoshi's Deer and Penguins Classes

The Deer Class was very hardworking and focused. They had a high level of engagement and peer interaction during class. They were also efficient when completing their work, and showed willingness to take on challenges.

The Penguins Class was full of active thinkers. They were willing to try new things. They showed courage when expressing their own ideas and when asking questions.

Liu Laoshi's Raccoon and Seahorse Classes

In the Raccoon and Seahorse Classes, students were able to learn through playing. Each day, students showed up excited to try new games and participate in new activities. They really reveled in the joy of learning!

Zhang Laoshi's Sunshine Class

The Sunshine Class enjoyed adding their own creative twists to our class text, “Kitten Goes Fishing.” We found food at home to make a “dinner” for the kitten. We crafted props for our performances, including butterflies, dragonflies, and our very own handmade virtual backgrounds!

Gao Laoshi's Wang Hong Classes

The Wang Hong Classes took advantage of our online format and the rehearsal recordings that we made. When viewing previous recordings, students were not only able to see their own improvement, but also could offer encouragement to and learn from their peers. On the other hand, doing an online video performance was a new experience for all of us. The students showed a willingness to take on this challenge and did not give up. In the end, they were all able to contribute their original ideas to put on a wonderful performance.

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