Celebrating the Year of the Ox, Virtually

Updated: May 7

Lunar New Year is the most important holiday in the Chinese-speaking world, including here at Cornerstone. This year, the Cornerstone community found a creative way to celebrate: we put on a virtual talent show!

In lieu of our annual Chinese New Year performance, we invited students and families to submit videos that demonstrated a connection to Chinese language, culture, or new year traditions. We received submissions from 32 students and their dedicated siblings, parents, and grandparents!

Our students showcased talents such as singing, dancing, playing piano, telling stories, reciting poetry, demonstrating calligraphy, practicing martial arts, making Chinese tangyuan and Filipino palitaw, and even performing a magic show.

After a community vote, several students earned prizes from our three categories: Best Effort; Most Creative; and Outstanding Incorporation of Chinese Language, for students at any level of Chinese ability who found creative ways to weave their language skills into their performance.

Please enjoy photos of some of our award winners below. Congratulations and thank you to all of our participating families!

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