2019 Summer Camp: Session One

Cornerstone Learning Foundation was thrilled to kick off this summer's theatre-themed Mandarin Immersion Camp with four performances from our superstar students!

Each Cornerstone summer camp class, ranging in age from Pre-K to fifth grade, spent two weeks diligently preparing. Everyone worked together to put on the best show possible! Students crafted props, created advertisements, practiced lines together, and learned new songs and dance routines along with their teachers.

Our Session One show opened with the Butterfly Class, who sang about Father's Day. The Butterfly students shared with us why they love their fathers and how they plan to celebrate Father's Day! The Butterfly Class, our youngest group of students, impressed us with their handmade Hawaiian lei and ukelele-themed costumes.

Next, the McDull Class taught us all about their namesake, a Hong Kong cartoon piglet named McDull. McDull loves all kinds of things, including music, birthdays, and airplanes... but most of all, he loves erasers! Through the McDull class's lively performance, our students and audience members had the chance to get to know this cute and charming character.

The Rainbow Class followed with their skit about a little horse who goes on a big adventure. While on a trip to bring food to his neighbors, the horse encounters a river. His cattle friends tell him it's shallow, and that he should go right ahead — but his squirrel friends tell him the river is dangerous, with deep water and swift currents. Finally, the horse realizes that the only way to find out is to try for himself! At last, he successfully crosses the river. The Rainbow Class made this performance special by showcasing multiple songs with distinct dance routines.

Finally, our third- to fifth-grade students put on a short play about Afanti (also known as Nasreddin), a sage from ancient Xinjiang, China. Afanti was known for being a clever philosopher and cunning businessman. Most importantly, though, he was infamous for always being happy — which made the king very unhappy. Yet each time the king tried to bring down his nemesis, Afanti outwitted him, staying cheerful and optimistic as ever. At the end of their performance, the Afanti Class also shared with us what makes them happy, from reading Harry Potter to playing baseball with friends.

In addition to daily rehearsals and our final performance, Cornerstone superstars also studied new vocabulary, completed arts and crafts projects, practiced reading stories aloud, and more. We're very proud of all our Session One students for challenging themselves to grow and learn. We can't wait to see what Session Two has in store!

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